Get a Life!

Ok, so I got one. In fact approximately 68 years ago unless we are to consider life starting at conception in which case make that 69 years, in the Manor House Hotel in Meppershall probably about July 8th, and probably after a good meal. In the war? Well, you see, mother, bless her cotton socks, was a farmer and I can fantasise that she brought some good, no doubt organic beef, to the hotel to impress my father, who, as may be discernable from my name was Italian and always enjoyed food. Seduction comes in many forms.

In my hippie days I used to wonder if each of us had the opportunity to choose who we will be before we are born. Were there long filing cabinets of available bodies with profiles attached to the outside? Did I wander down the isles quite fancying the idea of being a mixture, not too much of a mixture, of course, it wasn’t ever in my soul’s nature to be over the top, so perhaps I chose to go to the area marked “Italian X Yorkshire”. Of course, I realized that if I selected this section I might end up in a chip shop in Pickering, North Yorkshire. Or as a Yorkshire pudding, spaghetti eating mamma loving son of the soil. Or maybe even a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and an Italian Greyhound if things went wrong.

So being a self-absorbed character I made my choice and have been coming to terms with being me all my life. To confirm my choice I noticed later, when such things interested me, that in my natal astrological chart I have Saturn in conjunction with Jupiter on my ascendant, which, seems to be translated as being someone whose personality is both withdrawn and extrovert. So there I am; Yorkshire introvert and Italian extrovert, and often totally confused unless something externally pushes me in one direction or the other.

Oh! All this stuff. I think I had better go outside to clip the goats feet and take the dog for a walk. In other words, go, get a life.


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